Bio-filtration System

We design wide range of Bio Filtration System in Singapore. We are the specialist that you can trust. Contact Us for a Free Quote.

Bio-Filter is the fastest and safest way to achieve 100% CRYSTAL CLEAR pond and staying clear throughout together with the striking a Natural Balance in pond is our company’s main objective in pond construction.

Bio-Filter coverts toxic chemicals like ammonia and nitrates to oxygen and nitrogen that is essential for the koi and plants.

The benefits for Bio-Filter System:
– Surface area efficiency: large surface area – Benefits: Improves flow distribution/rate
– Effective Pond Volume
– Maintain Natural Balance: Reduce leaching nutrients – Benefits: Enhance the performance
– Effective Bottom Drainage: Low Maintenance – No cast in pipes & heavy equipment required
– Easy Cleaning – Benefits: Simple, Fast, Non Messy, Economical, and enables longer successive cleaning

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