About Us

Since its inception in early 2007, Phyto Water Arts Pte Ltd has been actively involving in the manufacture and building of custom made water features with the purpose of beautifying the interior and exterior landscape of our clients contemporary homes and green spaces as well as meeting the fengshui needs of our clients who believes that water has the ability to create wealth and good fortune for them.


Phyto Water Arts Pte Ltd is able to be one of the leading water features builder in Singapore is partly due to our dedicated and all-ready technical team’s effort. Our specialized team has equipped with 10 over years of experience in the mechanical, electrical and design aspects of building and constructing a wide range of indoor and outdoor water features such as ponds, waterfalls, water fountains private and public swimming pools for our valued clients.


With more than a decade of experience accumulated over the years, our staff are poised with their professionalism in providing high quality services to our dedicated customers. At Phyto Water Arts, we create and build various types of water features from scratch. Ranging from various designs, styles and sizes, each water features are being built specifically according to our customers’ aesthetic and space requirements. Most of our water features are custom made with the use of high quality natural finishing such as granite, quartz, stone, craft stone and sandstone. Besides, to provide a more contemporary and modernised look of our water features, we also incorporate other furnishing (tiles, mosaic tiles coloured glass and stainless steel) during the construction of our water features.


Previously, we acquired our company’s clients through direct sales. However, Phyto Water Arts Pte Ltd has now embarked to take on larger projects involving in the collaboration with other firms in the commercial sectors, particularly those in the architectural practices, including developers and designers in providing water features consultation services to these niche sectors.